There will be a ban on the use of plastic bags, bags, as well as disposable tableware made of plastic

Plastic bags and disposable plastic tableware thrown into the environment are stored for a long time, are not biodegradable, as a result of which they cause persistent pollution.
Within a year after the entry into force of the Law ZR-226-N "On Amendments to the Law "On Trade and Services "" due to the insufficient level of ecological culture of the society, the implementation of ineffective control over the requirement to provide plastic bags and packages established by the law "On Trade and Services" in the vast majority of communities of the Republic of Armenia, the necessary technical means and a number of other reasons were not recorded a significant reduction in the production of polyethylene packaging in the country, the current partial ban did not give the desired result, and the forecasts did not come true in full. It should also be borne in mind that the available statistical data do not fully reflect the quantitative changes in the target group of disposable plastic products, since it includes all packaging used in the country, including those used at the stage of production packaging.
However, regulation has led to some progress in changing consumer behavior, increasing the production and use of bags and bags made from recycled materials, as well as reusable. There are also trends in intensifying research on the import of raw materials for biodegradable packaging and obtaining more affordable raw materials.
The Ministry of Environment proposes to establish paragraph 2.1 of Article 9 of the Law " On Trade and Services" by the draft law "On Amendments to the Law "On Trade and Services".
✅ when carrying out retail trade, the ban related to plastic bags and bags should also be extended to plastic bags and bags with a film thickness of more than 50 microns (with the exception of bags used for weighing and bags and bags made of recycled materials), as well as disposable tableware made of plastic or foam (plates and cups of all sizes, spoons, forks, knives), disposable containers for weighing (boxes, containers with or without a lid, plates) (except for factory-made products intended for packaging).
The project is submitted for public discussion on a single website for the publication of draft legal acts