In the "Sevan National Park" SNOC, the applications submitted to the tender announced for the purpose of organizing waterside recreation and maintenance at 3 public beaches of Lake Sevan were summarized

The committee formed for the purpose of examining the bids under the leadership of Deputy Minister Aram Meymaryan examined the investment plans-projects presented for each lot.
In the presence of the members of the commission and the applicants, the program packages were opened, which were presented in glued and sealed envelopes.
The commission considered the compliance of each of them with the criteria previously presented for the competition.  They were:
   - compliance with the requirements and conditions defined in the tender procedure,
   - the amount of the proposed high fee,
   - the possibility of operation of the object in a short time (realistic term),
   - amount of investments (availability of financial guarantees),
   - the stability (continuity) of the intended activity,
   - socio-economic component (the number of jobs created: the impact on the socio-economic development of the area),
   - assessment of risks and availability of measures aimed at overcoming them.

The investment plan submitted for only one public beach, N4, was recognized as the winner.  The beach is located in the administrative area of ​​Drakhtik settlement of Chambarak community, in the coastal area near the intersection of the road leading to the settlement from the Sevan-Chambarak-Vardenis highway.  There are electricity wires and gas pipes near the beach.
No application was submitted for the N7 public beach, the project submitted for the N8 public beach did not meet the requirements and was not declared a winner.
Contracts will be signed with the winning participant.
Congratulating the author of the winning investment plans, Deputy Minister Aram Meymaryan once again emphasized the priority of public interest and expressed hope that the results of the implementation of the steps mentioned in the plans will already be noticeable in the near future.  They should be entirely within the context of the idea of ​​a public beach and fully serve the idea of ​​proper water recreation for citizens.
The Deputy Minister also informed that compliance with the requirements set for public beaches will be strictly controlled.