What to do During and After a Flood?

The rescue service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs presents: What to do During and After a Flood.
What to do during a flood?
Stay in shelters until you are given appropriate instructions from the authorities.
Keep the emergency kit away from getting wet.
If you are at home, do not use household service systems under any circumstances to avoid secondary disasters.
Do not try to cross the water flow. A rapid flow of water 15 cm deep is dangerous for a human, and 50 cm is impassable for ordinary cars.
When crossing shallow places, wear sturdy waterproof shoes and use a walking stick.
If you need help, give a distress signal (fire, shout, gunshot, flags, siren, etc.).
What to do after a flood?
Search your accommodation carefully:
The integrity of the foundation: the condition of the walls, windows and floor.
Communication system.
The possible presence of poisonous snakes.
Check the food suitability, wash the food with boiled water,
Drink water after sanitary inspection or boiling;
Do not eat the food that has touched flood water.
Check the degree of damage of communication systems before using them.
Entrust the repair of communication systems to specialists.
It is dangerous to stay in a house that is unsafe or does not inspire confidence.
Do not enter flooded areas unnecessarily.