Welcome to the official web site of the Ministry of Nature Protection

Today humanity is facing several global challenges. The growth of the world population has had an impact on rapid development of the economy, thus resulting in considerable utilization of natural resources. The Republic of Armenia could not avoid similar global developments.
Though global advanced experience claims, that people can use natural resources causing minimum damage to the nature. Those countries which pay due attention towards environmental protection, provide sustainable development.
Both the state authorized body, non-governmental organizations and wide layers of the society have the sacred duty to preserve and to pass the rich biodiversity of our historic cradle to our generations.
The official website of the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA is an additional platform directed to raise environmental issues, to provide information and to give solutions.  It is a significant tool to combine state policy with public demand and for dialogue between the state and civil society. 
Raising awareness of public wide layers and providing their participation in environmental decision-making process are essential prerequisites for productive solutions of environmental problems and this website is meant for that.
I urge all interested parties and individuals to actively collaborate with the RA Ministry of Nature Protection in order to respond promptly to environmental issues and to address them effectively.

Artsvik Minasyan Minister of Nature Protection of  RA