Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan Paid a Working Visit to “Jrvezh” Forest Park Operating under “Reserve Park Complex” SNCO


Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan paid a working visit to “Jrvezh” Forest Park of “Reserve Park Complex” SNCO. After getting acquainted with the conditions in the forest part during the meeting held with the employees of the Park the Minister said, “Jrvezh Forest Park is near the capital and in conducting the proper care and protection of the area it can become an attractive place both for visitors and fosr the implementation of environmental investment projects”.

Nevertheless, here I see a lot of problems with the conservation of the area, the condition of rental areas and inhabitants of adjacent areas. These problems are solvable that are require a consistent approach".


Thanking employees for their work in difficult conditions, Aramayis Grigoryan encouraged them to be more attentive, to develop and submit to the Ministry the projects aimed at properly maintaining “Jrvezh” Forest Park with its unique and endangered plants and achieving a new qualitatively level.

At the end of the visit the Minister gave strict instructions to the management of SNCO, noting that in the nearest future expects the serious qualitative changes, the progress of which will personally look after during his future visits.