Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan was on Working Visit in Lori Region


Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan was on working visit in Lori region. Instead of holding a consultation in the Municipality the Minister has chosen to visit the mining companies of the region to get acquainted with the situation on spot. In the frames of the visit Aramayis Grigoryan accompanied by Lori Mayor Artur Nalbandyan, Deputy Governor Arsen Darbinyan and the Heads of relevant subdivisions of the Ministry visited Chochkan tailing dump belonging to “Akhtala Mountain-Enrich Combine” CJSC and “Teghut” CJSC.

In Chochkan tailing dump belonging to “Akhtala Mountain-Enrich Combine” CJSC the Minister stressed the number of shortcomings causing environmental problems and outlined, that from now on all violations will be strictly punished for having conscientious and responsible mining in future. The Minister also listened to the concerns and dissatisfactions of the heads of affected communities and assured that he will be consistent about the environmental and social responsibility programs implemented by the mining companies.

The management representative of the company has assured that the administration is ready to fulfill all obligations and to continue mine exploitation and conservation works of the tailing dumb in a responsible manner. Aramayis Grigoryan noted that will follow the settlement process of the issues and expects that the closure and recultivation project of the tailing dumb will be submitted to the Ministry in the due manner.

The Minister, accompanied by representatives of "Teghut" CJSC implementing the project of ore processing combine in Teghout and Teghout copper-molybdenum mine development visited the main structures of future tailings of mining complex. On all those objects representatives of operating organizations provided additional clarification regarding the operation features of this industrial unit. Summarizing his visit, Aramayis Grigoryan welcomed the implementation of mining industry with the use of closed loop water system in RA and noted: “We have witnessed the organization of the mining industry with the newest technology corresponding to international standards. The owners have fulfilled their previous promises and I hope that in future also we will not have any problems. As for the environmental part we will be consistent in the implementation of works to recover the damage caused to nature.”

As the end of his visit Aramayis Grigoryan visited Stepanavan Dendropark subordinated to “Reserve Park Complex” SNCO. Highly appreciated the contribution of Vitali Leonovich, the Director of Dendropark to the conservation and development of the park and turning it into a place of rest, enjoying great popularity, Aramayis Grigoryan handed a certificate to him and noted, “You're an invaluable specialist for us, I thank you for your care and dedication towards the Dendropark. I wish you good health and long life, to work with the same enthusiasm and bring great benefits to our society”.

At the end of the visit, the working group headed by the Minister Aramayis Grigoryan and Lori Mayor Artur Nalbandyan paid tribute to the tombstone erected to the memory of the founder of Dendropark Edmond Leonovich, the father of the current Director Vitali Leonovich, highly appreciated the contribution of this family to the preservation of our country's rich nature.