The First Session of Scientific and Technical Council was Held at the Ministry of Nature Protection


Today the first session of Scientific and Technical Council under the Minister of Nature Protection was held at the Ministry, which was attended by the scientists of research institutions of NAS RA, different universities and Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia.

Scientific and Technical Council of the Republic of Armenia aims to promote the use of scientifically based approaches in the environment protection field, conservation of atmospheric air, land, water, underground resources, flora and fauna and specially protected areas, as well as the formation of public policy and strategy development in the field of reasonable use of natural resources and reproduction.

Welcoming the Board members Aramayis Grigoryan thanked for their cooperation and willingness to support and expressed hope that the efficient use of scientific potential will allow to show more correct and scientifically based approaches in future initiatives.

During the meeting, the Board discussed the issue relating to water resources, bio resources management and tailings which are the problem for the republic and require urgent solution.

During the Scientific and Technical Council session was decided to submit proposals for the formation of the agenda of the next meeting and approval of working plan for 2015.