The Second Meeting of the Inter-Agency Coordinating Council on Implementation of Requirements and Provisions of the UN Framework Convention on ''Climate Change''


The second meeting of the inter-agency coordinating council on implementation of requirements and provisions of the UN framework convention on climate change was held in the Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia, which was conducted by the Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan.

Mr. Aram Gabrielyan, UNFCCC National Focal Point, member of State Statistical Service Yuri Poghosyan and UNDP Climate Change Programme Coordinator Diana Harutyunyan delivered reports, presenting the procedures which have been established since 2013 up to day in the framework of UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol.  The establishment of Information System aimed at the implementation of the requirements of the convention, as well as the development process of biennial report was discussed at the meeting.

During the discussion that followed the reports, the participants stressed the importance of the processes implementing in the country in the climate change vulnerability and migration aspect. The members of inter-agency Council once again confirmed their willingness to contribute to the revelation of the climate change problems.

Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan thanked the board members for targeted work and concluded the session with the expectation of further productive activities.