The RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan’s message on the occasion of the international day of the Ozone layer protection


Dear compatriots,

Every year on the 16th of September the whole world celebrates the international day of ozone protection. The latter is of universal concern, the solution of which requires the role of all countries. Although the ozone layer makes up only 1/10000 part of atmosphere density, its protective importance is significant for the biosphere, it devours the siginficant part of ultraviolet dangerous rays directed from the Sun to the Planet earth and protects flora and fauna like a shield.

On April 28, 1999 the RA associating Vienne Convention on “The Ozone layer” and Monreal protocol on “The Substences distratcing the ozone layer”, has had a huge input on the protection of the ozone layer being the part of the most important mission. The mission of the ozone layer protection has entered into legal force by the RA law on “ The substences distructing ozone layer” in 2006, and in 2007 by sublegislative acts ensuring the law implementation. The phase replacement of the ozone distracting substance usage supports protection of the ozone layer for the present and future generations. Nowadays the efforts of international community are also directed to the restoration of the ozone layer and the reduction of the intensification of the ultraviolet harmful rays which influences protection of a person’s health and ecosystem.

Still, there are many things to do and Armenia with global community continues to cope for the restoration of the ozone layer. We should protect the ozone layer as it protects us.