The system development project of protecting territories was discussed.


Today UNDP and RA Ministry of Nature Protection organized final workshop on “System Development of Armenian Protected Territories” UNDP/ GEF project. The objective of the project is to preserve the biodiversity of Armenia having global importance and the task is to contribute expansion of the reserves ensuring more embracing representation of ecosystems in the presently protected territories and more active approaches in the process of preserving biodiversity.

RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan noted with satisfaction that with the help of the project according to N 1465 resolution of the GoA, December 19, 2013, the areas of “Khoustoup” and expanded “Zangezur” state reserves is more than 15.000 hectare, in other words it makes up approximately 4% of protected territories system of Armenia.

According to the Minister the newly created reserves include, until now incompletely presented in protected territories system, mountinous dry prairies and steppe medaows, subalpine and alpine highland ecosystems which are the main habitat of Armenian mouflon, bezoar goat, Caucasusian leopard.

Aramayis Grigoryan also informed that under the guidance of the project Areni, Gnishik, Khachik communities of Vayoc Dzor region decided to create “Gnishik” reserved landscape to cover 6.000 hectare area which will be the first protected place by the community not only in our country but in the whole region as well. The problem will finally be solved after the adoption of the RA completely developped law on “Specially Protected Territories of Nature” within the scope of the project, the draft of the law was presented to the National Assembly in May, 2013. At the end of the speech Minister Aramayis Grigoryan thanked all the parties and participants for having an impact on the implementation of the project.

Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP Armenian office Claire Medina also said a welcome speech.

Illustrating the accomplished works and main achievements, “System Development of Armenian Protected Territories” project coordinator Karen Chenterechyan informed that within the scope of the project it has been envisaged to supply the system of specially protected territories with better appliances which will enable to include and preserve the incompletely presented ecosystems and the types attached to them. The project in the community territories has an impact on the securing processes of efficent landscape management, additionally solving social problems. It improves the financial stability of protected territories in Armenia.

In addition, the speaker aslo informed the whole budget of the project, including cofinancing and GEF means, is 2.950.000 dollars.