National round table talks within the scope of “Green Economies in Eastern Neighborhood”


National round table talks took place within the scope of “Green Economies in Eastern Neighborhood”with the objective of implementing Strategic Environmental Assessment /SEA/ protocol of UNECE Espoo Convention on September 26. 

National round table talks took place with the support of Espoo Convention Secretariat, the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and “EcoGlobe” NGO.

First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Simon Papyan, greeting the participants, in his speech attached great importance to that kind of meetings and discussions that enable to study the protocol and national legislation thoroughly which surely influences the effective usage of international practice and national legislation compliance with international agreement in the best way.

Delegation Representative of the European Union to Armenia Hoa-Binh Adjemian and UNECE Espoo Convention Secretariat Representative Aphrodite Smagadi delivered a greeting speech.

The RA National Coordinator of Strategic Environmental Assessment /SEA/ protocol Adviser to Minister of Nature Protection Elianora Grigoryan attaching a significant importance to SEA protocol stated that the RA ratified UNECE Espoo Convention SEA protocol in 2011.

In answer to Armenian action Convention Secretariat implements a number of events on strengthening the technical support and capacity, having the objective to secure legislative and institutional structures and cadres to fulfill Espoo Convention clauses especially SEA protocol ones. 

The events to implement SEA protocol clauses were launched on November 26-29 with a seminar in Yerevan; the event was fulfilled due to the European finances within the frameworks of Green Economy. 

At the end of the meeting the representatives of different departments and non-governmental sector found round table talks effective and noted that numerous valuable opinions were expressed which will be taken into account in the future.