RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan paid a visit to the RA Aragacotn Region.


Minister Aramayis Grigoryan had a discussion with Aragacotn Region Governor Sargis Sahakyan, the representatives of the RA MNP Staff Regional Subdivision the heads of the involved communities about the environmental problems existing in the region as well as the mining companies. Particularly, they considered existing and later managed tailing pits of Toukhmanouk gold mine of “Mego Gold” LLC as well as the issue of implementing the company responsibilities. Melikgyugh community head Hakob Mkrtchyan stated that the company did not perform its duties properly and has unpaid salary debts.

Minister Aramayis Grigoryan in his conversation with the representative of “Mego Gold” LLC stated: “We encourage the perspectives of investments and increasing of job places. We are for the mining industry that will be liable and have less negative effects on environment, thus we are going to be watchful about the firm performing all environmental and social undertaken responsibilities in the due manner”.

The ecological situation of the river nearby the mine and tailing pits were considered and the Minister ordered to realize relevant research and water examination. They also referred to the area of the region the minerals are extracted from, the problems concerning the location of the manufacturing waste dump caused by the extraction process, the implementation of safety and health monitoring of the communities surrounding the location, also the contributions of environmental protection and fees.

Minister Aramayis Grigoryan remarked the fact that the Ministry is going to be watchful about the bowels using organizations fulfilling their obligations in the due manner defined under the law.