Cases of water amount increase were detected in several deep wells of Ararat artesian pool


Working groups set up in accordance with the order of the RA Minister of Nature Protection continues liquidation, conservation and regulation works of underground self-streaming illegal deep wells.

16000l/s water was saved in Ararat artesian pool due to the implemented activities during the last trimester which resulted in the increase of water amount self-streaming deep wells.

Araks community entrepreneurs Hovakim Hovakimyan and Hambarcum Sargsyan resorted to the help of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection Staff Water Recourse Management Agency and Hydrogeological Monitoring Center for the regulation works of wells because of the increase of water amount of self-streaming deep wells.

Due to monitoring and inspections at Araks community entrepreneur Hovakim Hovakimyan’s enterprise deep wells water usage comprised 61l/s in comparison with the 4months ago index of 35l/s. Due to the locking system of regulation water abstraction was decreased up to the amount defined with the economic water usage permission.

Measurement works of self-streaming deep wells were realized at Jrarat community entrepreneurs Vardanik Poghosyan’s enterprise and 58l/s water amount was recorded. A few months ago the water amount of the above mentioned industry deep wells comprised 32l/s.

Due to measurement works at Araks community entrepreneur Hambarcum Sargsyan’s enterprise it was detected that because of the self-streaming deep wells, water usage comprised 36l/s in comparison with the previous index of 29l/s.