367 thousand small fish were released back to Lake Sevan


Within the scope of the completion project of the state budget fish reserves gegharkuni and summer trout were released back to Lake Sevan, the RA Gegharkunik Region, with the assistance of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection, Regional Administration and other relevant organizations.

367 thousand small fish were released back to Lake Sevan: 167 000 gegharkuni and 200 000summer trout. The acquisition of the small fish was done due to the RA 2014 State Budget proceeds, “Completion services of fish reserves” project according to the amount stated in the contract signed in June, 2014 among “Environmental Projects Implementation Office” state office and “Arevacuk” LLC as well as “Angeghakot Fish-breeding Enterprise” OJSC. RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan and RA Gegharkunik Region Governor Rafik Grigoryan monitored the works.

Attaching significant importance to the preserve of Lake Sevan ecosystem, the Minister stated: “It is planned to acquire spawn of fish at the place in the next years and release the small fish from the river so that this kind of opportunity will be realized more efficiently and in this case the fish will immediately be released to the lake.

Aramayis Grigoryan mentioned fish poacher issue and stressed that it is not only the responsibility of the corresponding department. The problem should be solved with the joint efforts of the regional population and made a request for not committing illegal fishing within the period of fish spawning, thus jointly solve the problem. Collective activities will be implemented by the RA Police within the period.

The State Environmental Inspectorate of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection Staff was instructed to intensify the supervision over the area adjacent to the release place after the fish release works.

The acting head of “Sevan” national park SNCO of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection was charged to organize a twenty-four-hour duty for 3 days in the release territory.