The first session of the Public Council alongside the RA Ministry of Nature Protection was convened


The first session of the Public Council (initiated according to the Minister’s order on September 2, 2014) alongside the RA Ministry of Nature Protection was convened under the chairmanship of RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan. Apart from the Council members, ecologist-experts invited by NGOs and executives of relevant sectors of the Ministry participated in the session.

Council President Aramayis Grigoryan launched the agenda, after the approval of the latter the Council started discussing the issues concerning the current situation reasons, possible ways of improvement, the reconsideration of water usage payments, and project advancement of Ararat artesian pool management.

Additionally, an absorbing discussion was led about the issues relating payments for wastes appeared as a result of mining, inspections implemented in Teghut, previous and current phase of environmental expertise procedure of Toukhmanouk gold mine submitted by “Mego Gold” LLC.

The problems of environment protection through the accumulation of mine tailings (wastes) with alternative technology application of recycling was considered as well.

The RA Ministry of Nature Protection officers replied the above mentioned questions raised by public, highlighted the present condition of the sectors and the implementing activities for the solution of the problems.

The officials of the Public Council member organizations emphasized their personal proposals and observations in the solutions of the problems.

Introducing the main policy principles conducted by the RA Ministry of Nature Protection, Minister Aramayis Grigoryan stressed that the Ministry has conducted a policy to solve the problems realizing a number of legislative and practical progress attributing importance to the activities and regularly presented suggestions of NGOs.

As the decision made during the sessions of the Public Council have consultation effect, it was decided to submit the NGOs representatives’ proposals in the written form to set a relevant legal course.

The Council members thanked for the effective discussion and suggested to convene meetings frequently as there are numerous issues which are of concern to public.

The RA Minister of Nature Protection emphasized that the Pulic Council is significant for highlighting the public’s concerns as well as for submitting the specific proposals by the NGOs and thanked for the operative and functional discussion.