Illegal porters of “Koreai Dzor” construction wastes were charged an administrative fine


On November 27, 2014, websites spread a video about illegal storage of constructional wastes in “Koreai Dzor” area, Arabkir administrative district. Two Kamaz lorries (048 ՕՍ 64 and 077 OV 61) were detected conducting the above mentioned actions in the video. One of the drivers claimed that he was an employee of “Mikshin” company and he was ordered to place the wastes at the place.

RA Ministry of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigroyan has assigned a task to State Environmental Inspectorate to reveal the details.

Biodiversity, Soil, Wastes and Dangerous material Supervision Unit and Yerevan Regional Subdivision employees of State Environmental Inspectorate found out from “Mikshin” company that there was no assignment of the driver to place the wastes at an unplanned place.

The two drivers observed in the video have been charged by the RA MNP State Environmental Inspectorate.

The RA MNP State Environmental Inspectorate workers organized discussions at Arabkir administrative district office on the similar violations in Hrazdan Gorge. As a result of the discussion it was clarified that due to the barriers illegal placement cases have decreased at the place in comparison with the previous years. The RA Ministry of Nature Protection staff suggested continuing putting barriers at similar open territories as well.