Due to activities implemented by the RA MNP State Environmental Inspectorate 50 sig fish was detected and confiscated


In the period of activities implemented within the frameworks of RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan’s N361-A order (November 27) about natural fish spawning in Lake Sevan, the RA MNP State Environmental Inspectorate employees revealed cases of sig fish illegal sell (December 8) on the highways adjunct to Lake Sevan, city markets, particularly on Gavar-Sevan highway 21 fish was revealed and confiscated, 12 fish was detected in Arabkir Administrative District market, 17 sig fish was revealed in Sevan community area, in general 50 fish which was handed to the special school for visually impaired children in Yerevan according to the defined order.

Inspections are in the process.