Detected fir trees were cut in a personal plot

24-12-2014 news site covered “Could it be that the officials of the Ministry of Nature Protection do not see “mass destruction” of fir trees” photo reportage.

The Ministry of Nature Protection expresses gratitude for the attention and watchfulness towards the sector, and states the above-mentioned trees had been uncovered in the retail spots by the RA MNP State Environmental Inspectorate employees during their regular inspections (07.12.2014). A. Nahapetyan, the organizer of the tree sale, submitted a report on 2 silvery and 1 green fir trees having been cut in a personal plot. The inspectors observed the plot belonging to V. Vardanyan, the resident of Vanatur district in Hrazdan, recorded the trunks of the cut trees, the action was justified as the cut trees hampered the growth of other fir trees planted in the vicinity. Measurement and collation indicate the coincidence.

Attached are photos illustrating the fact.