RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grirgoryan’s congratulatory message on the occasion of New Year


Dear compatriots,

Again, a year is added to our centuries long history enriching it with new achievements and progress. First and foremost, New Year’s Eve is the best time to summarize the passing year and to outline the objectives of the upcoming year.

Besides the achievements, 2014 was a year of solving usual problems and working hard for the solution of global issues. Today, we can proudly claim, that our nation turned one more page in its history. Nowadays, the creators of Armenia are our generation and it is time to attain the objective of empowering our country and ensuring our citizens prosperity. We must fully implement our responsibilities towards our country, people and families.

Nowadays, people are facing several global challenges and environmental problems are among them. Armenia is not an exception. Today, our country uses significant means from its modest financial resources for solving environmental problems as a result of which the year was full of projects directed to the main problems of nature protection. International structure support towards the sector issues is also notable. Still, new projects and undertakings are intended to be fulfilled in the coming year.

The efforts implied by the state would not be the same if each layer of our society would not realize the urgency. Everyone must realize that nature belongs to everyone and we are those responsible for it. It is a tiny part of our historical habitation that we own nowadays and its preservation is the sacred job for each of us, as we own the land at the expense of our heroic people’s life. A nation’s environment is the specific nation’s vital and stable development guarantee. It is impossible to imagine not only our nation’s, but the whole mankind’s future without using natural resources reasonably and live in harmony with nature.

Dear compatriots,

I congratulate our whole nation on New Year and Christmas wishing prosperity and welfare. I wish love and happiness to your families. Let the Republic of Armenia become more powerful and let peace always accompany our nation. Let the new year be filled with victories, achievements and realization of goals.

RA Minister of Nature Protection
Aramayis Grirgoryan