RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan’s message on the occasion of day of National Park and Specially Protected Areas


January 11 is the day of national park and specially protected areas and on this occasion RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan sent messages of acknowledgment the employees at specially protected areas of nature. ”Dear colleagues, Attaching significance to the day and appreciating the devotion to their duty implemented in the cosy nature in our homeland, I would like to thank you for the efficient organization of preservation of specially protected areas of nature. Our united activities and joint efforts are directed to the perfection of strategy of specially protected areas in our motherland, development of ecotourism, enhancing the awareness intended for due conservation, care and attention of specially protected areas (hereinafter SPA) which will surely result in the fruits of their labors and in the near future we will have SPA corresponding to international norms. This is not a work of one person, but the result of joint and coordinated works including the job undertaken by the guard as well as the director. SPA effective management is first of all conditioned by professional preparedness level of the cadres towards which is directed international collaboration, which has efficiently been developed recently. The RA Ministry of Nature Protection will implement activities intended for the development and broadening of SPA. Furthermore, these activities are the guarantee to preserve our exquisite biodiversity.

I congratulate you on the occasion of the day of national parks and specially protected areas wishing productive and consistent work.

RA Minister of Nature Protection

Aramayis Grigoryan”.


Specially protected areas of nature have centuries long history in Armenia. Still in the 4th century King Khosrov Kotak founded Khosrov forest royal hunting place, which embraces the Ararat valley (Arax riverbank, vicinity of Dvin up to the Azat river). Furthermore, several piece of the forest have been preserved by the time and comprise “Khosrov Forest” state reserve.

The system of specially protected areas of nature was set up in 1958. Thus, “Khosrov”, “Dilijan” and “Shikahogh” and a number of other state reserves were established. Afterwards, to organize more effective protection of biodiversity, the system has been extended by the formation of new national parks and reserves. During the past 5-6 years, new SPA were formed: “Arpi Lake” and “Arevik” national parks, “Zangezur”, “Jermuk water”, “Hankavan water”, “Khor Virap”, “Zikatar” and “Khustoup” state nature reserves, the total surface of which comprises 104.122 ha area. At present, there are 3 state reservoirs covering 236.690ha area: “Arpi lake”, “Arevik”, “Sevan”, “Dilijan”; 27 state reserves and 232 nature monuments which embrace about 376.252 ha. In general, 75-80% species comprise fauna and flora of the republic, as well as a vast biodiversity in SPA. Moreover, the latter is rich in historical-cultural heritage, which enables to develop tourism (archeological, geological, ecological, and ethnographic). The best illustrative example may be “Khosrov forest” state reserve territory, which is rich in early Middle Ages and Middle Ages historical-cultural monuments. Here are more than 1500 monuments, 1458 in “Sevan National Park” territory and there are 473 monuments in “Dilijan” national park.