A round table towards the 21st conference on the UN “ Climate Change Framework Convention” was held at “Russia” hotel in Tsakhadzor.


On January 27-28 a round table titled “The 21st conference on the UN Climate Change Framework, road to Paris” takes place at the initiative of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection at “Russia” hotel in Tsakhadzor.

The aim of the event is to discuss the current procedures of the new report development attached to the UN Framework Convention “Climate Change” in 2015, the fulfilled and current projects on the reduction or restriction of the regime of greenhouse gases, conforming plans, as well as the technology development of the mentioned spheres, transfer and investment, financial and improvement abilities in Armenia. The undertaken discussions will contribute to the shaping of official information on the approach and actions of Armenia towards the 21st conference of the Convention.

According to the core decision of the pro countries of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change at the 20th conference in Lima, the capital of Peru, on December 1-12, 2014, member states of the convention must submit their positions in the first half of 2015 to the secretary of the Convention on “Intended Nationally Determined Contributions”, which will be used in the content of the future report, including distinction of regime reduction of global emissions of greenhouse gases. Additionally, the implementation of all the above mentioned processes with definite, transparent and procedures available for public is signified.

The interdepartmental coordination council members implementing demands and thesis of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the representatives of international and non-governmental organizations participated in the round table.

The RA Minister of Nature Protection stated in his speech, that since 2020 all the member-states must take responsibility for activities in greenhouse gases, exhaustion reduction or limitation; factual and transparent information on which must be submitted to the Convention and added: “Not being included in Annex-1, Armenia has not had responsibility for reduction of emissions of green-house gases. However, attaching significance to global efforts to reduce emissions, we voluntary fulfill limitation of emissions of green-house gases, and in general, easing activities in climate change and consistently involve climate change issues in national development projects.

Noticing that climate conforming and easing activities in climate change are the guarantee of our national security pledge, Minister Aramayis Grigoryan stated that the appropriate formulation, presentation and realization of activities directed to the solution of main problems of the climate change can significantly influence the development and improvement of the RA social-economic and environmental sectors.

The Minister notified that under the coordination of various divisions, activities are realized or planned which influence conforming improvement, limitation of emissions of greenhouse gases. “For the more development of these events, I think that adjunct to the interdepartmental council and the working group there should be collaboration conditions to enhance the efficiency of the problem related works. It will have a remarkable impact on involvement of financial proceeds and international assistance for the implementation of activities in conforming and reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases in the Republic of Armenia” emphasized the Minister of Nature Protection and expected the participants’ interested discussion of the topic.

UN FCCC national coordinator Aram Gabrielyan, GIZ expert Frederic Wils and UNDIP FCCC project coordinator Diana Harutyunyan delivered speeches on the first day of the event.

During the carried out interested discussions suggestions were made for the implementation of necessary activities in Armenia until the end of 2015 year.