Institutional cooperation is encouraged to stand up against the trade of illegal wildlife species


A training-seminar on thesis application of “Convention On International Trade In Endangered Species Of Wild Fauna and Flora” (CITES, 1973) launched in Yerevan on February 23. The objective of a-five-day seminar is to improve knowledge and skills of convention thesis on “International Trade In Endangered Species Of Wild Fauna and Flora”, preventing illegal exploitation of Wild Fauna and Flora, holding a training for professionals of the sphere on the initiative of Foundation For The Preservation Of Wildlife and Cultural Assets and the support of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and International Fund For Animal Welfare.

The convention arranges export, trade or exchange of rare fauna and flora species among countries. The Republic of Armenia has been a member of convention since 21 of January, 2009.

Deputy Minister of the RA Nature Protection Khachik Hakobyan highlighting the necessity of improvement of the field arrangement and monitoring and proper implementation of convention thesis, mentioned “Today illegal trade of wild fauna species is the fourth illegal business after trafficking, drug trade and forgery and it is necessary to unite mass media, NGO’s, international organizations and citizens against the struggle. The main goal of the convention is preservation of endangered species of wild fauna and flora from overexploitation and the main problem is regulation of international trade of endangered species of wild fauna and flora having an objective to provide the survival of endangered species. By the time Armenia has joined 16 international environmental conventions, 5 of which refer to biodiversity. In general preservation of environment draws any nation’s and public’s attention; therefore this project will create new bases for cooperation enhancing vocational skills and new chances raising awareness of public attention towards the issue.

The speakers signified in their welcoming speeches institutional systematic struggle against illegal wildlife trade. During further four days relevant professionals will continue upgrading skills and knowledge as well as vocational training with practical and theoretical courses.

The seminar is conducted by the representatives of International Fund For Animal Welfare Mohamed Elsayed ( Director of IFAW Middle East), Maria Vorontsova, (Director of IFAW the Russian Federation and in the CIS countries), Vivek Menon ( Director of IFAW South Asia) and Charles Mck ( Expert, Trainer ).