New flow meters were introduced to improve monitoring of underground water resources in Ararat valley


 Today the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) presented the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia with modern flow-meters the utilization of which will improve the monitoring mechanisms of mass usage of underground water resources in Ararat valley. The above mentioned flow meters were “Clean energy and water” /CEW/ program within the scope of technical assistance provided by USAID to Water Resource Management Agency of the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia.

The mobile flow meters will be applied by fish-breeding farms and other extensive water users of the area with the objective of monitoring the usage of underground water resources.

The official handing and trial ceremony was held at “Masis Dzuk” fish farm in village Sayat Nova, the RA Ararat Region. The First Deputy Minister Simon Papyan, Deputy Minister Khachik Hakobyan, USAID Acting Assistant Administrator for the Europe and Eurasia Bureau Susan Fritz, the head of USAID/Armenia Karen Hilliard, the head of the Water Use Permits Division of the Water Resource Management Agency of the Ministry of Nature Protection Davit Grigoryan, vice-governor of Ararat Region Ashot Vardanyan and Sayat-Nova community head Razmik Alaverdyan were present at the event. The First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Simon Papyan thanking USAID for the assistance noted: “The collaboration between USAID and the Ministry of Nature Protection has a history of two decades. It resulted in the significant investment in environmental sphere of our country by the agency the essential component of which is the issue of ensuring sustainable oversight of water resources.

The agency supported the Ministry especially in regulating legal sector, shaping institutional structures, improvement, technical reequipping, professional training as well as monitoring sustainable management of water resources.

The Ministry raised the awareness of the necessity of new equipments attaching significance to and appreciating technical reequipping importance of water resource thrift and efficient oversight. USAID reacted to the issue providing water meters; the latter will enable the implementation of monitoring to be more precise and the organization of water resource management problems to be more effective”.

Attaching great importance to underground sweet water resource thrift and productive operation in Ararat Valley, the First Deputy Minister emphasized that within the framework of activities /liquidation, conservation and application of valve system of illegal deep pits/ fulfilled in 2014 directed to the above mentioned problem, the Ministry managed to save 753 million m³ water and stated that the undertakings will be ongoing in 2015.

The head of USAID/Armenia Karen Hilliard and USAID Acting Assistant Administrator for the Europe and Eurasia Bureau Susan Fritz in their speeches appreciated the initiatives and joint programs for water resource thrift in Armenia hoping that this kind of sponsoring will make groundwater supplies of the Ministry of Nature Protection more manageable and their utilization more operative in Ararat Valley. Particularly, Ms Fritz stated in her speech that according to the research of USAID CEW project one of the causes of shrinking level of groundwater supplies in the Ararat Valley is uncontrolled withdrawal and use of the groundwater by numerous fisheries. The presented flow meters will improve supervision mechanisms in the area for the conservation of natural resources having strategic importance for Armenia.

Furthermore, the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and USAID arrange to develop technical reequipping complex project of water resource monitoring.