An eco-educational program was conducted in four schools in Yerevan


Information and public relation department division of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection with the support of Educational department of Yerevan Municipality conducted an eco-educational program in four schools (N17, 93, 147, 174) in Yerevan. Specialists of the Ministry and international environmental project coordinators delivered extra information about the rich fauna and flora in Armenia, their role in the general system of the nature, rare fauna and flora species, the ozone layer protecting from undesirable rays of the sun and its preservation, the role of water resources in the nature and humanity, the latter  thrift utilization and conservation problems, climate change causes and consequences, influence of noxious substances and wastes on the environment and activities directed to the protection from them during the lessons.  

Didactic materials were presented during the classes. Thematic pamphlets and table games were presented to the schoolchildren. They were assigned to write essays on environmental topics with the objective of grasping and improving theoretical knowledge.

The RA Ministry of Nature Protection awarded the students submitting the best essays.

Yerevan N 93 school pupils in their turn illustrated objects prepared from wastes by them and informed that on March 11 they are going to organize an exhibition.