The RA Minister of Nature Protection considered the project of introducing water resource central management system with German Development Bank /KfW/ delegation


Today, RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan received delegation representatives of German Development Bank /KfW/ Sandra Soares, technical expert of investment projects Thomas Wolf, /KfW/ Armenian representative Zara Chatinyan and water resource specialist Christoph Kulls invited by the bank..

The parties discussed the development and introduction of centralized management system of water resources in Armenia.

 Aramayis Grigoryan stressing the necessity of efficient management of water resources in Armenia stated: “For several years inefficient utilization of groundwater, problems existing in irrigation system and unfavorable conditions resulted in essential loss of water resources, hereinafter the latter should be excluded. Thus in August, 2014 we applied to German KfW Bank for the development and introduction of automatic management of groundwater resources in Ararat Valley, as well as centralized management system of water resources in Armenia. KfW bank appointed an expert, who was assigned to develop and to discuss a possible concept with relevant stakeholders. I am strongly convinced that this concept will be the best start due to which we will be able to face the challenges”.

Project Manager Sandra Soares mentioned that currently discussions are being held with State Committee on Water Industry of the RA Ministry of Agriculture on the project of water supply in Ararat Valley with ground water resources of Shirak Region. Since the problems of the two departments are interrelated with each other, KfW suggests combining ground and underground water resources, research and planning a joint project with individual components.

KfW bank representatives noted that the project will be considered by interested departments and ministry specialists; there will be done corresponding suggestions and alterations, therefore the project will be launched. It will be implemented in a long-term phase form.

Project objective is

Develop and introduce a joint system of water resource storage and transfer from the north of Shirak to Ararat Valley. The above mentioned system will be related to the extension of irrigation schemes and storage capabilities or reservoirs of water horizons in Ararat Valley.

Analyze, develop and study water demands which arose out of climate change, cultivation and social-economic progress.

Develop a monitoring, pilot supervision and data collecting systems with the objective of joint management and irrigation schemes of underground and ground water resources.

Develop and fulfill sustainable management of underground and ground water resources which will be formed on the bases of environmental and economical criteria management principles.

Improve the conservation of underground water resources in Ararat Valley making outflow, pollution and salting of water horizons minimum.