Due to the operative activities it was possible to extinguish the fire in “Khosrov Forest State Reserve” SNCO territory


On March 12, at 22:00 a fire broke out in vegetated area of "Khosrov” State Reserve. As a result of 30 employees’ works lasting for two hours at Reserve, they managed to extinguish the fire.

At 22:40 RegionalCrisis Management Centre, operative groups from Artashat and Masis and one firefighting squad, 3 workers from ”Center on Active Impact on Atmospheric Phenomena” SNCO and 9 firemen of  Regional Rescue Service from the free shift arrived at the place. Additionally, villagers of adjacent communities, Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets /FPWC / assisted inthe fireextinguishment.

Extinguishment works of the fire were under the immediate coordination of RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan.Deputy Minister of the RA Nature Protection Kh. Hakobyan, Head of the Staff of the RA Nature Protection Kh. Aghabekyan, First Deputy Minister of the RA Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations V. Terteryan and Director of Rescue Service S. Azaryan, Head of the Division of Vedi Provincial department of the Police of the Republic of Armenia colonel S. Khocharyan and Head of Urcadzhor community R. Andreasyan.

RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan, appreciating the implemented operative events noted:” The RA Ministry of Nature Protection thanks greatly all participant organizations and individual volunteers for assisting in extinguishment works of the fire.