RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan paid a visit to the RA Armavir Region


RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan was on a working visit to Armavir Region. Minister had a meeting with Armavir Region Governor Ashot Ghahramanyan, heads of communities,representatives of the RA MNP Staff Regional Subdivision.

Mr. Aramayis Grigoryan reflected upon water supply and irrigation issues, environmental problems existing in the region and residents’ concerns. Particularly, he stressed the legalization of activities of water using companies, necessity to reconsider water permissions within the scope of which the MNP Water Resource Management Agency requested relevant documents in accordance to the GoA N218-N decree.

Minister touched upon the activities addressing water resource saving in Ararat valley, Armavir and Ararat regions, noting: “Due to the implemented works we managed to save significantly underground water resource which will enable to sustain and enhance uneconomically wasted water resource. The latter has a strategic importance for our country”.

Minister mentioned “Achieving neutral degradation of lands: making the idea practically applicable in Armenia” project fulfilled by the Secretariat of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification.

It envisages the research and project proposal development of approximately 40 000ha degraded land in Armavir and Ararat regions. Mr. Ghahramanyan suggested the heads of communities to provide information on the existing similar lands and submit proposals. Tancout community head mentioned the fact that there are deserted sand and stone mines in the community, which are in the state of decay and continue to pollute the environment. In reply Aramayis Grigoryan said: “There are problems at entrepreneurs dealing with mining, particularly the users of underground resources with requests of relevant decrees of the GoA terminate exploitation without implementing environmental activities envisaged under the projects and payments of cultivation works and monitoring payments of closing the mine.  The mines being in the phase of termination of exploitation or deserted ones are always in the center of attention of Ministry of Nature Protection and we take measures to further restore similar mines.

After the discussion and replying to the questions of the heads of the communities Aramayis Grigoryan assigned the heads of the relevant subdivisions of the ministry. 

Afterwards, the Minister observed “Vordan Karmir” reserve, where an endemic species is kept, got acquainted with the condition of the place, emphasized the necessity to improve the reserve especially with a fence.