The message of the Minister of Nature Protection on the occasion of International Day of Biological Diversity


Dear Compatriots,

On behalf of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and my own behalf I congratulate everyone on the occasion of International Day of Biological Diversity.

Viable ecosystems and biodiversity are essential prerequisites for the existence of mankind providing bases for development and economic growth. Bioresource management must be well organized with minimum impact on environment to achieve the objective of social-economic growth.

To emphasize the urgency of biodiversity protection the UN adopted the Convention of Biological Diversity in 1993 which was signed by more than 168 countries. The Republic of Armenia as a subject of international law also ratified the above mentioned convention in 1993 and signed a number of international agreements and protocols about biodiversity, thus accepting responsibilities. Efficient conservation of environment and biological diversity will truly benefit from the implementation of the latter.

The Convention of Biological Diversity was ratified by the Republic of Armenia in 1993 which was one of the hardest periods of the country as Armenia was deprived of elementary resources. However, people realized the fact that the prosperity of Armenia mainly depends on bioresources having strategically importance for the country.  In spite of the social-economic situation, the RA Government, realizing the main problems of environment and particularly biodiversity preservation, considers them national and state priority.

It will be continual, and our efforts directed to the implementation will be fruitful.

I congratulate everyone once more on the occasion of International Day of Biological Diversity urging everyone to be more caring towards the nature and to protect the rich and unique biodiversity, Mother Nature has granted us with.


RA Minister of Nature Protection  

Aramayis Grigoryan