RA Minister of Nature Protection received the EU diplomats in Armenia within the scope of the European Climate diplomacy day


RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan received the delegation of EU diplomats concerned about climate change and global warming in Armenia within the framework of the European Climate diplomacy day.

Aramayis Grigoryan, RA Minister of Nature Protection attaching significance to combating the climate change and appreciating the initiative to organize the meeting, noted: “Climate change and the hazardous effects are pernicious, thus all the countries must be determined to take measures to prevent irrevocable consequences. Although, GHG emissions in Armenia are not crucial, we actively collaborate with various European and international organizations and are willing to take measures to reduce emissions. We are concerned with consequences of global warming and we have previously stated our thoughts within the framework of Climate Summit in New York.  The RA envisages undertaking responsibilities under the climate agreement which will be balanced with economic development perspectives. Head of Sectionof EU delegation to Armenia Dirk Lorenz appreciating the Minister’s attention and concerns, thanked for organizing a meeting emphasizing: “The EU has originally been for combating climate change, but the problem is global and requires joint efforts to prevent hazardous outputs of climate change and temperature rise by 20C. The year of 2015 is significant as a document should be adopted in Climate Change Summit in Paris and will regulate the inputs and responsibilities of states.We appreciate the position of Armeniafor a better project to represent and express our willingness to support developing countries in this sphere and expect other countries to be more active and involved towards 2015 meeting in Paris. We must realize that this is a historic moment and we must undertake steps for the welfare of the coming generations. Premier Consular to the RA, Nicolas Faye noted: “There are only 200 days before the essential event in Paris in 2015 which requires effective collaboration for tangible outputs and we must be well prepared for the summit. Our objective is to adopt the concise document having legal force which will be convenient for the countries: developed and developing. Analyses indicate that all the states are for such kind of document which will prevent global warming”.

A number of arrangements were reached to organize meetings and discuss a plan of actions by December.

RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan hoped that joint efforts will have the desired effects and will reduce the consequences of global warming.