Cleaning works were implemented in areas adjacent to the River Bldan, “Dilijan” National Park


On August 2, the employees of “Dilijan” National Park SNCO with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Coca-Cola Hellenic Armenia implemented cleaning works in areas adjacent to the River Bldan, “Dilijan” National Park.

“Dilijan” National Park Director Sahak Mouradyan, greeting the initiative of Coca-Cola Hellenic Armenia and World Wildlife Fund, expressed the hope, that it will set an example for other organizations; as well as urged citizens to be more caring towards the nature and to protect the national park clean while organizing their rest.

WWF-Armenia Director Karen Manvelyan stated in his speech:”The decree to clean areas adjacent to the River Bldan with Coca-Cola Hellenic Armenia is another undertaking to promote conservation of freshwater and to provide a good example. In summertime people prefer having a rest in areas adjacent to rivers; in particular, there are pavilions placed here, therefore leave their garbage behind, polluting the environment. Additionally, choosing this area, we tend to raise people’s attention towards specially protected areas”.

After cleaning works, precautionary signboards were installed by “Coca-Cola Hellenic Armenia” in the area of “Dilijan” National Park.