The deadline for developing management plan of Ararat valley basin was extended from September 1 to December 25, 2015 without any external financing


RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan submitted the RA decree draft on «Making amendments to the RA Government N 340-N (April 3, 2014) and N1515-N (September 18, 2014) decrees” to the approval of the RA Government.

Minister of Nature Protection presented propositions noting: “The RA Government N 340-N (April 3, 2014) decree defined the deadline fordeveloping management plan of Ararat valley basin September 1, 2015. Presently, the significant part has been completed. Making amendments is conditioned by development and approval procedures of management plan of Ararat valley basin; accordingly there is a necessity to held public hearings with local authorities and other interested bodies, the accomplishment of which requires some period of time. Considering the above mentioned facts, it is necessary to extend the deadline until December 25, 2015without any external financing.

The decree draft was approved by the RA Government and will be valid the day after its official publication.