The introductory seminar was held over the project directed to the regulation of toxic substances and wastes


The introductory seminar was held over “The best function methodological application of the current best technologies or in environmental sense directed to the reduction of unintentional emissions of POP’s appeared as a result of open burning sources” project in Congress Hotel.

The project is realized by the RA Ministry of Nature Protection together with UNIDO directed to reduction of open burning sources.

Legislation regulations, registration of dioxide main sources and proposal development of methodological application of the best modern technologies or in environmental sense addressing their prevention are envisaged within the scope of the program.

Khazhak Aghabekyan, head of MNP Staff, greeted the participants on behalf of RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan attached significance to the accomplishment in Armenia and noted, that one of the global main problems is environmental and population protection from persistent organic pollutants and especially dioxin and furan impact which is closely interrelated with problem ensuring sustainable progress.

Appreciating the willingness of the Republic of Armenia to solve the problem and the fruitful collaboration with UNIDO, project manager Carmela Centeno wished active and effective work and successful project accomplishment.

In pursuance of the responsibilities undertaken with Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (2003) the parties should support methodological application of the best modern technologies or in environmental sense addressing their prevention.

Waste burning in dumps is the cheapest, quickest and easiest variant of removing household waste; however it is a source of dioxides.

Open burning is a process of fumes and unpleasant smell and may produce some hazardous substances (dioxin, fura,

polychloride biphenyle, hexachlorobenzene) regulated with Stockholm Convention.

This problem is essential for Armenia as there is a lack of factories recycling, utilization and burning wastes as well as specific polygons neutralizing wastes. Taking into consideration the above mentioned facts it will take time and investments, the project is to highlight the fact that with limited investments, application of accessible technologies it is possible to manage dumps thus reducing main ecological problems at the same time looking forward to advanced polygon.