The RA Ministry of Nature Protection passed several decrees


Today First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Simon Papyan presented the GoA protocol decree draft (developed according to the GoA N397-N draft, April 16, 2015) on «Envisaged activities/input determined under national level” in the Republic of Armenia under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to the RA Government. According to the decree of the convention (2014), the countries must officially submit their position over reducing greenhouse gases until October 1, 2015.

The document was approved by the interdepartmental coordinating council ensuring the requirements and provision of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)(INDC Armenia_Cover Letter, Protocol Decision No 41, 10 September, 2015,
Government of the Republic of Armenia

The draft package of the RA Government decrees on “Making amendments to the N47-N decree of the RA Government (January 19, 2006)”, “Making amendments to the N500-N decree of the RA Government, April 20, 2006”, “Making amendments to the N1180-N decree of the RA Government, July 13, 2006” and “Making amendments to the N1739-N decree of the RA Government, December 7, 2006” were submitted to the Government.

The following drafts were developed with the purpose of implementing Annex activities of Prime Minister’s N786-A Decree (August 28, 2015) originated from “Making amendments to the RA Law on Wastes” of the RA HO-105-N law thesis (June 22, 2015) according to which there were made some amendments to the original law. Particularly, the law thesis relates to wastes originated from bowels exploitation; issuing noxious waste documents were defined, waste recycling and exploitation register issues were clarified.

The passing of the above mentioned drafts will have an impact upon waste management, registering noxious waste, waste recycling and exploitation. The RA Government decree draft on “Licensing noxious waste recycling, storage, transfer and installment” at “Makur Erkat Gorcaran” Open Joint Stock Company was also submitted. The company addressed the Government to acquire license for the above mentioned activities.

Taking into consideration the fact that the envisaged activtity will ensure safe transfer and installment of wastes. The interdepartmental council on “Licensing noxious waste recycling, storage, transfer and installment in Armenia” had a positive remark to grant license to the company.

Another decree was submitted on substituting”2018-2020” with “2019-2021” in the 2nd point of the RA Government N967-N decree (August 14, 2006) on “Approving the list of nature monuments in the Republic of Armenia” .

The drafts of the decrees were passed by the RA Government and will enter into force the day after the official publication.