Armenia among the leading countries with environmental reporting mechanism and electronic reporting introduction


Armenia, on behalf of the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia and the RA National Statistical Service, since November, 2010 participates in the Shared Environmental Information System in the pan-European region program aimed at linking all existing data and information flows relevant at the country and international levels in support of the regular environmental assessment process based on the 7 principles of SEIS.

A SEIS main principle is the application of joint index of environmental monitoring and assessment information compliance and provision of national reports. The 4 year program has been realized with working groups on the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and Environmental Monitoring and Assessment and Statistics. Afterwards, according to the new concept of provision of information, availability and accessibility,there was summarized reporting outputs of all the participant countries and progress evaluation of introduction of SEIS with the application of 67 specific monitoring data sets.

There are several countries that made nearly all or the majority of the 67 data sets and related information available and accessible on-line: Sweden (99 per cent data sets and  information made available), Armenia (91 per cent), Russian Federation (89 per cent), Canada (81 per cent) (USA 61 per cent, Azerbaijan 57 per cent, Turkey 54 per cent, Georgia 27 per cent, etc.).


The complete report of Armenia: a&px_db=ArmStatbank &px_type=PX&px_language=hy