RA Minister of Nature Protection was on a working visit to Vayoc Dzor Region


RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan was on a working visit to Vayoc Dzor Region. Minister had a meeting with Vayoc Dzor Region Governor Harutyun Sargsyan, heads of communities,water using companies and RA MNP regional divisions.

Environmental problems existing in the region, particularly, illegal hunting, irrigation in the communities related to SHHPs, landfills and other issues were discussedat the meeting.

RA Minister of Nature Protection greeting the attendants highlighted the urgent environmental problems. It was noted that there were several water users including communities which do not possess or the documents on utilization do not completely correspond to the requirements of the law. Ministry of Nature Protection is willing to support them in the procedure of acquiring permissions. Heads of water using companies informed that as a result of irregular work of several SHHPs there are some water supply problems in the communities, thus asking the Minister to solve the problem. Aramayis Grigoryan assigned the heads of the relevant subdivisions of the ministry to reconsider the permissions granted to the above mentioned SHHPs and solve the existing problem according to the law stressing the importance of the irrigation problem solution by the RA Government. Additionally, Aramayis Grigoryan raised the issue of landfills stressing the fact that there must be licensed activity. He is ready to support the acceleration of the procedure.

Vayoc Dzor Region Governor Harutyun Sargsyan suggested reflecting upon it with coordinated waste management after the procedure of uniting the communities. During the discussion the issue of sewer water pouring into rivers was considered.

Aramayis Grigoryan noted that the problem is in the authority of the Ministry of Nature Protection in the form of administration supervision but he will discuss the matter with relevant department head. Touching upon the responsibilities undertaken by mining companies in the region, the Minister appreciated the first phase of exploitation of Geotim CJSC Amulsar gold mine as it has restored the natural ecological condition in the recultivation way which was violated because of geological research.

Within the scope of the visit the Minister of Nature Protection visited Shatin of “Safari International” Armenian-Italian joint venture LLC and was informed that the number of bezoar ibex has significantly increased.