Decrees related to environmental sector were adopted during the session of the RA Government (01.10.2015)


Today First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Simon Papyan submitted the RA Government decree draft on “Making amendments to the RA Government N827-N decree (July 3, 2003)) ; Donation of the lot; Defining the boundaries, plan and the area of Erebuni state sanctuary “ to the RA Government. The adoption is conditioned by the necessity of defining the boundaries of Erebuni state sanctuary, approving the plan and the area and extension. The decree draft adoption will ensure the above mentioned activities. The decree draft on “Setting a public beach site in the recreation zone in “Sevan” national park” was also submitted, the adoption of which is conditioned by the fact to set a new public beach. 9.0 hectare area, located within Tsovagyugh community, Gegharkunik Region, is intended for N8 beach site. The adoption will ensure people’s rest in “Sevan” national park” without any external costs and will foster tourisms and sport. Additionally, the annual program (2016) of ecosystem restoration, preservation, reproduction, natural development and utilization activities at Lake Sevan was submitted, which will improve the current condition of the lake and its water saving ponds. The draft ensures the conservation of ecosystems of Lake Sevan and its ponds, lake ecological balance and sustainable utilization of natural resources of the ponds in 2016.

The drafts of the decrees were passed by the RA Government and will enter into force the day after the official publication.