Eco-educational programs over Armenian cochineal (vordan karmir) preservation were conducted in five schools


150 schoolchildren participated in theoretic eco-educational programs directed to the preservation of Armenian cochineal (vordan karmir) conducted in five schools in the vicinity of “Vordan Karmir” State Reserve in Jrarat, Yeraskhahun, Yeghegnut, Argavand and Arazap. They were interested in the practical part as well and wished to be involved in the future.

According to the program author and agroecologist Galust Nanyan the idea of the training was suggested at the session of the Public Council under the RA Ministry of Nature Protection.

He suggested considering the protection problems related to “Vordan Karmir” State Reserve, thus suggesting the program. Since the formation of “Vordan Karmir” State Reserve (Jrarat and Arazap areas) in 1987 there has been no events organized. Very few were informed about the reserve.

The schoolchildren were offered to fence 2 sections in the reserve, thus preserving the insect, as well as to change the location of several signboards as they are out of sight.

The participants asked questions related to the registration of cattle grazing in the area. They were informed that there are no pastures in the communities, whereas there are 4400 registered cattle.

At the end of the training 15 schoolchildren were chosen for the further theoretical part. Within the scope of the program the children learnt about environmental situation in Armavir Region. Maps and literature over environment and SPAs were delivered to the schools.