At the session (22.10.2015) of the Government of the Republic of Armenia several decrees related to nature protection were adopted


Aramayis Grigoryan, Minister of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia, today presented the decree draft tothe Governmenton granting license to “Aroghj sunk” LLC and “Grafen-Shin” LLC on hazardous waste recycling,decontamination, preservation, displacement.

The above mentioned countries addressed the Government for the license. Considering the fact that the envisaged activities will have an impact upon the safe utilization of hazardous waste, particularly upon guano and rubber waste, as well as the fact of positive expertise inference of ‘Licensing Hazardous Waste Recycling,Decontamination, Preservation, Displacementin the RA”interdepartmental commission, it is expedient to grant license. The drafts of the decrees were approved by Ministerial Committee on Territorial Development and Environment (October 15).

The RA decree draft on “Approving the proposal of protocol signing” of “Making amendments to the agreement over collaboration inecologic monitoring (January 13, 1999)” was submitted to the Government of the Republic of Armenia. The 6th article of “Collaboration in ecologic monitoring” agreement is suggested by the Russian Federation to be excluded. The article envisaged an interstate center of ecological monitoring in Russia which was not realized. The protocol passed all the procedures in the state according to the order in 2015.

The drafts ofdecrees were passed by the Government of the Republic of Armenia and will enter into force the day after the official publication.