Clearification over Lake Sevan level


In response to the news circulated in mass media about level decrease of Lake Sevan within September 1- October 19, the RA MNP Water Resource Management Agency notifies that Lake Sevan level comprised 1900.34m on September 1 as compared to the same day in 2014 (1900.29m).

Water release with the objective of irrigation continued until September 12, 2015. The lake level was 1900.30m by the time according to "Hydrometeorology and MonitoringService" SNCO of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations.

The group formed by interested departments on September 18, 2015, lead locked right and left mechanisms of “Sevan”HES water intake thus there was no water release.

Lake level decrease by 6cm was conditioned by temperature drop and surface evaporation.

Level of Lake Sevan comprises 1900.24m on October 21, 2015 which is 7cm more than on October 21, 2014.