A public review of “Developing basin management plan of Ararat Valley” project


A public review of “Developing basin management plan of Ararat Valley” project (including Ararat basin management and valley underground water resource) interim report headed by Minister Aramayis Grigoryan took place in the Conference Hall of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection. NGO representatives, specialists and employees of relevant subdivision of the RA MNP attended the event.

Basin management plan of Ararat Valley is developed according to N 340-N decree of the RA Government (April 3, 2014).

Minister Aramayis Grigoryan in his greeting speech noted that it is the first basin management plan developed with state means and highlighted its importance in sector management and regulation procedures.

Interim report on “Developing basin management plan of Ararat Valley” project was presented by “Hayhydroenerganakhagic” CJSC director Jora Achoyan andcartographerAlexandr Arakelyan. They mentioned the fact that the project includes ground and underground water in Ararat basin management area as well as underground water resources in Ararat Valley projects and was developed according to the RA Laws on “Principles of national water policy”, “National water project”, №4Protocol decree of the GoA on “Approving model plan concept of basin management”  (03.02.2011) and otherlegal acts.

The main objective of the management plan is to balance correlations of water consumers including agriculture, fishery, industry, energy and environment; as well as to support relevant bodies responsible for water resource management.

Jora Achoyan highlighted the outputs mentioned in the plan, according to which 22.24 m3/s water including 17.4 m3/s in fishery, 2.9 m3/s in irrigation and 1.9 m3/s drinking water spheres was saved due to the activities undertaken for Ararat valley self-streaming wells by the RA Ministry of Nature Protection in the second half of 2014.

As a result of carried out works (2014-2015) overall 42.4 m3/s water was saved or 1337.3 million m3 water annually which ensures natural restoration level of underground water resources which was violated because of fishery.

Aramayis Grigoryan thanked for the effective discussion suggesting to submit all the suggestions to the company developing the plan so that they will be included in the document.