At the session (03.12.2015) of the Government of the Republic of Armenia several decrees related to nature protection were adopted


Aramayis Grigoryan, Minister of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia, today presented the decree draft to the Government on “Making amendments to the protocol decree approved with 25th point of N44 protocol of the session of the GoA on October 1, 2015” the GoA protocol decree draft . According to the RA Prime Minister’s N02/24.6/20449-15 assignment (December 1, 2015), related to the GoA protocol decree on making ammendments to “Annual program (2016) of ecosystem restoration, preservation, reproduction, natural development and utilization activities at Lake Sevan” N44 protocol of the GoA on October 1, 2015, there is a necessity of relevant amendments to 1.1 point of 1part of Annex: annul the 3rd paragraph of “Implementation of geological and seismic surveying at Lake Sevan basin”.

Considering the fact that there was no financial means for the activity accomplishment and the fact that geological and seismic surveying within the territory of the Republic of Armenia is realized during urbanization document development with the client’s means: the contractor suggested approving the following decree draft on “Procurement” RA Law according to the defined order of law.

The draft of the decree wwas passed by the RA Government and will enter into force the day after the official publication.