RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan summarized activities of the ministry in 2014


Greeting the representatives of the mass media and thanking for the interest towards the sphere throughout the year and raising the awareness in environmental issues, Minister Aramayis Grigoryan outlined the undertakings of 2015 year.

Speaking about the legislative activities, the Minister noted that 51 normative legal acts /4 RA laws / regulating the sector were developed by relevant subdivisions and adopted within this year. Minister Grigoryan reflected upon water management sphere particularly the activities implemented in Ararat Valley: “Liquidation, conservation or appliance of valve regime as well as water utilization permissions were done.

According to N1111-N, 19623.5 l/s water was saved due to water utilization limitation, annual thrift of which comprises 618million 81 thousand m3.  Since July 16 to December 20, 266 boreholes were liquidated, conserved or applied valve regime, thus 23.886 l/s was saved, which annually comprises approximately 753 million m3.

4 wells were liquidated with 67l/s water capacity, 2million 113 thousand m3 was saved.

620million 194 thousand m3 water was saved in 2015. Overall, 1 billion 320.3 million m3 water comprises the annual amount of saved water.

Reflecting upon Lake Sevan, he mentioned the fact that the level of it comprised 1900.21m in 21.12.2014, which increased by 8cm like the same day of the previous year. Since 2002, it has increased by 3.89m, which is 0.87m more than the envisaged 3.02m.

“Water release for the irrigational purpose started since June 2 and finished on September 12. It comprised 167.743 million m3 instead of 170 million m3 water abstraction. The release finished on October 1, and comprised 269.633 million m3 in 2014. The release of water is 101.89 millionm3 in 2015 less in comparison with 2014.

Through the Arpa-Sevan pipeline  110.723 million m3 water resources accessed on December 20, which is less than 18.578 million m3  relatively from the same day  in 2014 (129.301 million m3 ).

“Arpa-Sevan Tunnel Reconstruction Program Implementation Unit” State Institution informs that at present reconstruction is going on in Arpa Sevan N2 tunnel, which is planned to finish on December 20, 2017. The works are carried out during 7 months (January, February, March, September, October, November, December); while the rest of the time water is transferred to Lake Sevan”, noted Aramayis Grigoryan.

In 2015, 605.447 small fish was released to Lake Sevan. Due to the State Budget means 366.667 thousand small fish was released. Foundation for restoration of Sevan trout stocks and development for aquaculture gratuitously granted 238.780 small fish (2.5-50 and more grams) during the first semester in 2015. Water quality was improved and fish stock especially sig was increased. 9 ha area was intended for N 8 public beach in Sevan national park.

Additionally, Minister Aramayis Grigoryan highlighted the activities and outputs of inspectorate and other subdivisions; reforestation works, as well as the accomplished works and further perspectives.

 Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan answered the journalists’ questions.

Summarized information over the activities of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection in 2015