Fishing nets and swimming means were destroyed according to the defined order of law


During the inspections realized according to N 320-A order of the Minister of Nature Protection /04.11.2015/ within the period of fishing and crayfishing ban /20.11-25.12.15, 06.01-20.01.16/ at Lake Sevan and rivers flowing into it, 439 fishing nets, 345 cylinder traps and 3 means of swimming were detected. The working group set up by Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan’s order registered and destroyed the above mentioned.

As a result of the joint inspections realized by the State Environment inspectorate RA Ministry of Nature Protection and “Sevan” National Park” SNCO 1t. 917.0kg sig fish/ 300kg of which by “Sevan” National Park” SNCO/ was confiscated during the period of fishing ban and handed to orphanages, houses for elderly people and boarding houses.

Deputy Minister Khachik Hakobyan referring to the implemented activities noted that the works related to illegal fishing prevention is ongoing.