“Join the cause to make the world a better place”


RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan’s message on the occasion of Ecologist’s Day

On June 5 the Republic of Armenia marks Ecologist’s Day joining the worldwide celebration of World Environment Day. Today humanity is facing global challenges and environmental problems among them. WED is an opportunity to raise the awareness for the sake of the world.

As rapid development of the world economy has had an impact on environment, Armenia could not avoid environmental problems. The theme of the day is especially remarkable for us as Armenia one of the countries having the richest biodiversity. The perception of environmental protection must have its significant place among the core values of our nation as it is considered to be one of the stable pillars of the development of nations. We have the responsibility to preserve and to pass properly the unique fauna and flora of our historic cradle to our coming generations.

The theme of the UN WED is “Go wild for life”. It reminds us that the perception of the theme must always guide us everywhere. We must use each day to solve environmental problems for the sake of our citizens’ welfare and the natural life of the future generations.

I call for our citizens’ joint efforts in solving environmental problems, preventing environmental challenges, conserving our fatherland and realization of the foremost mission to pass it to the coming generations.

RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan