“Khosrov Forest: call and regeneration” exhibition was opened


On November 14 “Khosrov Forest: call and regeneration” exhibition was opened in Artists’ Union of Armenia. The artists’ works were painted at “Khosrov Forest” state reserve. The idea of implementing this exhibition was the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and Artists’ Union of Armenia.
Approximately 80 works were exhibited, as a result of the visits paid to “Khosrov Forest” state reserve, by illustrating the unique nature of “Khosrov Forest” state reserve, meanwhile referring to burned areas of the reserve caused by sever wildfire (August, 2017).  
At the opening ceremony Chairman of Artists’ Union of Armenia Karen Aghamyan, Advisor to the RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsrun Pepanyan, Director of “Khosrov Forest” state reserve Hrachya Hovakimyan, Exhibition Coordinator Sevada Sargsyan, Environmentalist Karine Danielyan delivered welcome speeches. 

Karen Aghamyan expressed a vote of thanks to the Ministry of Nature Protection for the implementation of the great initiative, attached importance to similar events while fostering eco culture. Artsrun Pepanyan stressed that the exhibition focuses on a vital enterprise: a national reform aimed at having a citizen and country of another quality.

 “Today we all are present at the important, cornerstone event, thus let each of us perceive with a sense of pride that the latter has a participation in this great national undertaking, thereby making a significant contribution to this undertaking. We have no alternative, we must educate a citizen loving nature, people and knowing the value of the state, which we will achieve together”: The Advisor to the Minister emphasized in his speech.
The exhibition will be on view until November 20.