On July 21, a two-day training workshop on “Solid waste management for regional administrative bodies” launched in “Ani Plazza” hotel held by the RA Ministry of Nature Protection.

The training seminar was organized by the RA Ministry of Nature Protection Alongside United Nations Industrial Development Organization /UNIDO/ within the scopes of “Implementation of Best Available Techniques and Best Environmental Practices for reduction of unintentionally produced persistent organic pollutants releases from open burning sources in Armenia”.

Thetraining meeting was attended by waste managment representatives inviteted from the RA regions, regional divisions of the State Enviornmental Inspectorate of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection, as well as experts from concerned departments.

In pursuance of commitments towards Stockholm Convention on “Persistent Organic Pollutants” approved by the Republic of Armenia in 2003, the party countries  should support best available techniques and best environmental practices for the elimination of open burning.

National Focal Point of  Stockholm Convention,Head of  Hazardous Substances and Waste Policy Division Mrs. Anahit Aleksandryan highlighted preservation of environment and people from persistent organic pollutants, particularly from dioxins and furans; this issue is  one of  current global ones closely related to sustainable development issues.

 Many scholars considered dioxins very noxious substances, while they pose a threat, “a slow developing disaster” to mankind. 

This project is directed to mitigate dioxin and fura emenssions from open burning sources.

Unfortunately, open burning of wastes is the cheapest, easiest and promptest methodfor garbage disposal in land fill sites.

Open burning of household and industrial wastes in environment is the main source of dioxins. This problem is actual for our country, since there are not waste recycling, processing and burning plants, as well as specialized waste removal polygons in the republic.

          Now establishment of new landfill areas and polygons requires time and investments, therefore this project enables effective management for old land fill sites lessening key ecological problems, meanwhile anticipating creation of new advanced polygons by means of low investments, available technologies and relevant financing schemes.   

During the training conference International Expert  Mrs. Evelyn Laurito will present integrated management advantages of solid wastes, sector challenges, activities intended for reduction and elimination of waste volumes, including the details of “Solid waste management plan''.

Mrs. A. Aleksandryan will submit the RA legislation and commitments to international treaties suprvising waste management sector.

At the end of the trainin workshop the participants will recieve certificates.