A Workshop on Climate Change Took Place


On August 31, a workshop was organized and supported by the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and the EU-funded project “Climate East: Support to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Russia and ENP East Countries” in the course of which the issues regarding climate change adaptation and development of national adaptation plan of Armenia were considered.

The workshop set a goal of further exploring the adaptation challenges Armenia facing and pave the way for the formulation of the national adaptation plan /NAP/ and discuss other content issues.

Welcoming the workshop participants, RA First Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Simon Papyan noted, that the climate change poses the greatest challenge to the planet and the agreement adopted in Paris /2015/ will make a positive shift to combat it. According to the speaker, the ratification process of the Paris Agreement is currently taking place within the framework of which the RA Ministry of Nature Protection has already submitted necessary document package to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia.

The RA Ministry of Nature Protection presented the draftto the approval of the RA Government on '' Intended Nationally Determined Contributions'' (September, 2015) before the Paris Conference; the draft defines commitments that Armenia shall implement for climate change problems''


Particularly two provisions are clearly presented in the document; in the event of providing the Republic of Armenia is legally bound to reducegreenhouse gas emissions(GHGs). The first provision: the aforementioned restrictions shall not prevent social-economic development of Armenia, moreover they shall enable to foster the social-economic development utilizing modern, resource efficient, clean and environmentally sound technologies (ESTs). The second provision: Armenia anticipates wide-ranging cooperation, funding development and technical assistance provided by developed countries and donor agencies.

''Furthermore, larger proportion of ''Intended Nationally Determined Contributions'' Project focuses on climate change adaptation, vulnerable spheres and the questions to be conferred about during this workshop'' S. Papyan stated in his remarks wishing the partakers productive work, hoping that as a result useful proposals will be made for further development of national adaptation plan of Armenia.

Mr. John Barker, Attaché/International Cooperation Officer,Environment and Climate Change, Delegation of the European Union to Armenia noted in his speech, that the measures directed to climate change mitigation and adaptation are regularly and constantly taken, attaching significance to ongoing activities under national levels by countries, which are supported by the European Union.

AramGabrielyan,National Focal Point of UNFCCC offered Armenia vision of the implications of the Paris Agreement including Armenia’s INDC.    

Afterwardsa roadmap for the NAP-process in accordance with the NAP-guidelines, a proposed NAP structure and the potential main elements for the National Adaptation Plan of Armenia were presented to the workshop participant specialists of state, non-governmental, private and scientific organizations. In addition, the outcomes of works done in Armenia concerning climate change were offered and held focused discussions with the purpose of taking into the recommendations developed by stakeholders,which will contribute to elaborate the national adaptation planning key document, national adaptation plan /NAP/ process.