Extraordinary Session of the Public Council attached to RA Minister of Nature Protection was held


Extraordinary Session of the Public Council alongside the RA Minister of Nature Protection was held under the chairmanship of newly appointed Minister Artsvik Minasyan. Apart from the public council members, representatives of over two dozen different NGOs conducting active participation in environment sector were invited to the session. Welcoming session attendees and expressing his thanks for responding to the invitation, the RA Minister of Nature Protection emphasized that he looks forward to a close cooperation with NGOs. Furthermore, similar meetings will be organized frequently anticipating to have maximum outcomes.  
RA Minister stated: “Sustainable growth and successful economic system of the country require to take into accounts and have confidence in the best environmental issues; the world experience asserts. Therefore, considering preservation of environmental norms primary for economic system development, I am confident that we will also have an established system based on constitution norms”.
RA Minister of Nature Protection attributed importance to strengthening of environmental supervision system in his speech and called for the NGOs to find joint solutions directed to the problem, especially develop such a control mechanism with non-governmental organizations that will involve public applying relevant encouragement mechanisms.
The introduction of Information Technologies /IT/ will promote strengthening of control system enabling to respond effectively to the violations registered by the system. Noting, that great store is set on tourism in economic policy of RA, in this regard, Artsvik Minasyan attached significance to advancement of ecotourism sphere, which depends on protected nature. Artsvik Minasyan prioritizes the development of environmental strategy; the latter has to ensure the role and participation of all parties.
The officials of non-governmental organizations, congratulating the Minister on the appointment to authorized state body of responsible and important field, raised numerous issues related to nature protection in their remarks. Particularly, they suggested the newly appointed Minister focusing on the problems referring to environmental norms of exploitation of Amulsar gold mine, the natural condition of Shaki Waterfall, mechanisms and methodology for environmental expertise, activities of SHPPs, forest areas and in general rich biodiversity conservation of Armenia, eco-education and etc.
The RA Minister of Nature Protection assigned relevant subdivisions regarding each raised questions. Arrangements were made with the representatives of NGOs to organize separate discussions on some raised issues.    
Additionally, session partakers emphasized their proposals in the solutions of environmental problems. RA  Minister Artsvik Minasyan proposed to submit the NGOs representatives’ proposals in the written form to observe while developing sector policy.
Thanking for the operative and functional discussions Artsvik Minasyan stressed that the meeting is the start for a joint cooperation and further decisions related to the sector will be made alongside NGOs; the latter will contribute to improve effectiveness of implementation.