Broadening collaboration activities will be undertaken with the organizations financing and realizing environmental projects within the framework of Armenian-German financial and technical cooperation


RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan received the officials of the organizations financing and conducting environmental programs within the scope of Armenia- German financial and technical cooperation led by the Deputy Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Armenia Nadia Lichtenberger. /KfW/ Armenian representative Zara Chatinyan, GIZ official Carsten Shulz, Caucasus Nature Fund /CNF/  National Program Coordinator Arman Vermishyan,  WWF Armenia Director Karen Manvelyan,  GITEC Director  Ramaz Gokhelashviliand, The Transboundary Joint Secretariat (TJS) representative Servi Nabuurs attended the forum.

Expressing his thanks to present organizations for the cooperation, the RA Minister of Nature Protection attached significance to the possibilities of enhancing it.   

The Deputy Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Armenia Nadia Lichtenberger thanked for the meeting within the partnership framework of the Republic of Armenia and Federal Republic of Germany and put a high value on environmental sector, stressing rich and productive experience of the cooperation.

The representatives of organizations taking part in the meeting congratulated the Minister on his appointment submitting their implemented and ongoing programs in Armenia.

Minister Artsvik Minasyan referred to current priority issues aimed at assuming intensive measures for which he anticipates the assistance of international donor organizations particularly of the organizations having a participation in the meeting.

The RA Minister focused on primary solutions for the problems regarding conservation regime strengthening in specially protected areas of nature applying information technology, ecotourism, nature monuments, adaptation to climate change in the context of investing green technology, development of supervision plans, vocational capacity building.

An arrangement was made to organize a range of several meetings envisaged for the attendee organizations and the Minister in the course of which actual formats and new courses of the colloboration will be considered within the scopes of specific programs.