Ongoing activities conducted in Armenia within the framework of Transboundary Joint Secretariat /TJS/ program were considered


RA Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan received Transboundary Joint Secretariat /TJS/Program National Coordinator Karen Karapetyan.

Greeting TJS program national coordinator, the RA Minister of Nature Protection highlighted current works realized in Armenia through international environmental projects, emphasized the objective and the need of enhancing assessment results.      

Transboundary Joint Secretariat /TJS/Program National Coordinator Karen Karapetyan expressed his gratitude for the meeting presenting implemented and future works within the scope of the project.

The parties discussed a wide framework for environmental issues focusing on ecotourism problems, natural monuments and regional cooperation. The debate resulted in attaching importance to the mechanisms illustrating specially protected areas of nature in global ecotourism market, national development plan for ecotourism advance as well as the opportunities of developing touristic routes of Armenia with Georgia and Islamic Republic of Iran.     

An agreement was reached on considering the possibilities related to redistribution of measures of TJS program alongside the specialists of relevant divisions of the RA MNP addressing the solutions of target and priority issueson account of further meetings.